Auto Diagnostics

Did your check engine light turn on?
Is your car making weird noises, like knocks, rattles, and pings?
Is there excessive fluid leaking under your car?
Are you having transmission problems?

No matter what symptom or problem you may be experiencing with your car, the licensed auto mechanics at ARVID’s TIRE & AUTOCARE can help precisely pinpoint the cause and give you their expert diagnosis and recommendations on car repairs and services. We know you rely on your car for your transportation needs. We can help you get back on the road with peace-of-mind.

Before you schedule your diagnostic appointment at ARVID’s TIRE & AUTOCARE, we recommend that you take note of the symptoms you are experiencing and write them down. For example:

Describe the symptom in detail. If it’s a noise, describe what the noise sounds like. When does the noise occur?
When does the symptom happen? When you first start the car? When you’ve been running the car for a while?
How long has it been happening?

Anything you can take note of the symptoms you are experiencing will help our expert auto mechanics to diagnose the problem.

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