Engine Repair & Maintenance

ARVID’s TIRE & AUTOCARE offers comprehensive engine inspection and maintenance to ensure you don’t encounter any engine issues while out on the road.

The material an engine is made out of, how well it’s been built and how the car is driven can all affect the lifespan of your engine. However, the biggest factor influencing your engine’s lifespan is maintenance. The best way to get the most out of your engine is to have it routinely checked and repaired by a professional.

​One of the most important things about engine maintenance is keeping your engine fluids full and clean. Dirt buildup in your engine fluid can cause your engine to malfunction, which can damage your car and lead to accidents. Your engine oil should be changed regularly to prevent such accidents. Cleaning your air filter is another important aspect of engine maintenance. Without a clean air filter, your engine has to work a lot harder and is more liable to break down suddenly.

​If your engine’s been giving you trouble lately, or if you want some preventative care to avoid engine problems in the future, contact us at ARVID’s TIRE & AUTOCARE for high-quality automotive service.

Transmission Repair Service

The transmission is the mechanical component in your car that transfers power from your car’s engine to the drive axel, allowing the wheels to move your vehicle. The transmission plays a vital role in your car’s performance, so it’s important that it stays in good working condition. Without proper transmission, your car may accelerate or stall without warning, or may even stop moving completely. This could lead to serious accidents on the road for you and other drivers.

Making sure your transmission fluid is full and clean is one of the most important car safety procedures. Dirty transmission fluid can lead to acceleration problems, difficulty in switching gears, and total transmission failure in extreme cases. Transmission filters should also be inspected and replaced to avoid cracks and filter clogs.
At ARVID`s TIRE & AUTOCARE, we offer transmission fluid draining and filling services and transmission filter replacements for both automatic and manual vehicles. Keep your car driving safely and reliably by visiting us for professional transmission maintenance and transmission repair services.

Contact us today to get your next available appointment or click here to fill the form to book appointment online.

Computer Diagnostics

At ARVID’s TIRE & AUTOCARE, our professional auto mechanics are not only experienced, certified and trained in various car repair and auto repair services, but they are experts at auto diagnostic services. Our facility is equipped with the most up-to-date, modern, advanced computer diagnostic technology and equipment.

AC repairs

Car air conditioning systems promote a comfortable cabin interior and help prevent driver fatigue. During normal vehicle operation, a substantial amount of heat is created by the engine and exterior contributors like the road and sun. Your vehicle’s AC system is responsible for cooling, purifying, and circulating air.

At ARVID`s TIRE & AUTOCARE, we proudly offer the best, fast and costly effective AC repairs and services done by highly experienced certified mechanics.

Brake Services

The single most important safety feature of your vehicle is the brake system. Many of us take our brakes for granted and just assume they will work every time without maintenance. However, without proper upkeep, your brakes are liable to malfunction or stop working altogether. At ARVID`s TIRE & AUTOCARE, we offer comprehensive brake repair and maintenance services so you’ll never be caught unaware of a dangerous braking issue.

Detecting brake issues can be difficult. Unfortunately, you may not even know that your vehicle is having brake problems until it’s too late. That’s why it’s important to regularly have your brakes checked by a professional auto mechanic who will be able to detect and fix all those hard-to-spot issues.

It is recommended that you have your brake pads inspected every 20000 KM or so, but this will vary depending on the make of your vehicle. If you feel any unusual vibrations or hear any strange squealing noises when you brake, it could be an indication of a serious brake issue.

ARVID`s TIRE & AUTOCARE offers brake pad inspection and replacement, brake fluid checks, and a host of other services to ensure your brakes work smoothly and safely.

Electrical Diagnostic

ARVID’s TIRE & AUTOCARE offers comprehensive electrical diagnostics to identify any problems with your car’s electrical or electronic system. If we find a problem, we’ll work to find the easiest, most convenient solution for you. If you’ve been having electrical problems with your vehicle, don’t wait until it’s too late—contact us for a thorough electrical diagnostic.

Why Should I Get An Electrical Diagnostic for My Car?
Cars have a series of electrical and electronic systems that can vary based on the model, make and age of your car. If these systems start to malfunction, they can ruin the performance of your car and potentially jeopardize your safety. These electrical systems include your car battery, alternator, and starter.

Take your car in for an electrical diagnostic if your headlights are growing dim, your dashboard and interior lights don’t glow, or if your car won’t start. An electrical diagnostic from ARVID’s TIRE & AUTOCARE will locate the source of your car’s electrical issue and fix it so you can get back on the road.

Lube, Oil & Filter Services

Keeping your lube, oil, and filter up-to-date is the best way to keep your car driving smoothly. At ARVID’s TIRE & AUTOCARE, we offer comprehensive oil, lube and filter maintenance so you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is safe and up-to-date.

Regular oil changes prevent your car from overheating and causing serious damage to you and your vehicle. If you’ve noticed that your car has trouble starting or keeps stalling, or if you smell a musty odor in your car, it’s a sign that it’s time for an oil change.

Regular filter changes are a cost-effective way to avoid more serious and costly repairs down the line. Oil, fuel, car air and cabin air filter maintenance can help stop dirt and debris from wreaking havoc on the operation of your vehicle

Your car needs many fluids besides oil to keep running efficiently. Coolant helps to prevent overheating while brake fluid ensures that your car can properly stop, so you can stay safe on the road. Lubricants are also applied to different parts of your vehicle as needed to keep your driving smooth.

For all your lube, oil and filter needs, come to ARVID’s TIRE & AUTOCARE for fast and professional service.


ARVID`s TIRE & AUTOCARE is the leading auto inspection provider in Abbotsford, B.C. that offers you a wide range of inspections such as Government Inspection, Pre-purchase Inspection and Seasonal Vehicle Inspection that are not only guaranteed high quality but also with in your means.

Preventative Maintenance Services

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid accidents and save money on car repairs in the future. In the same way that doctor’s checkups help our bodies stay healthy, preventative car maintenance helps to maintain your vehicle’s performance. Preventative maintenance is also a great way to detect any issues and solve them before they develop into something more damaging. ARVID`s TIRE & AUTOCARE offers comprehensive preventative maintenance services, so you can keep driving safely and smoothly for a long time to come.

The best way to know how often your car requires preventative maintenance is to refer to your owner’s manual. There are general guidelines about how frequently repairs should be made, but your owner’s manual will have the most accurate information for your particular vehicle. Some common preventative maintenance services every car needs include:

  • Fluid inspection and replacements
  • Timing and serpentine belt repairs and replacements
  • Oil change
  • Cabin air and engine air filter replacements
  • Tire rotation, balance and alignment

These basic maintenance services will ensure that you get the most out of your car. Constant repairs can cost you a lot of time, energy and money. Save yourself the hassle of unexpected vehicle issues by having your car routinely inspected and tuned-up. Contact us at ARVID`s TIRE & AUTOCARE for more information on our comprehensive maintenance services.

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