Regular engine tune-ups bring power and efficiency back to your car. At Arvid’s Tire & Autocare, we visually inspect all of your engine components and install new parts (including spark plugs and fuel filters) as needed.


A wheel alignment is an important service that returns the vehicle’s wheels back into their proper orientation. Using state of the art wheel alignment machines, the trained technicians at ARVID`s TIRE & AUTOCARE will adjust the angles that enable your vehicle to drive straight. When adjusted to the specifications outlined for each vehicle, an alignment will facilitate even tire wear, reduce driver fatigue and improve overall gas mileage by reducing rolling resistance.

Auto Diagnostics

Did your check engine light turn on?
Is your car making weird noises, like knocks, rattles, and pings?
Is there excessive fluid leaking under your car?
Are you having transmission problems?

No matter what symptom or problem you may be experiencing with your car, the licensed auto mechanics at ARVID’s TIRE & AUTOCARE can help precisely pinpoint the cause and give you their expert diagnosis and recommendations on car repairs and services. We know you rely on your car for your transportation needs. We can help you get back on the road with peace-of-mind.

Before you schedule your diagnostic appointment at ARVID’s TIRE & AUTOCARE, we recommend that you take note of the symptoms you are experiencing and write them down. For example:

Describe the symptom in detail. If it’s a noise, describe what the noise sounds like. When does the noise occur?
When does the symptom happen? When you first start the car? When you’ve been running the car for a while?
How long has it been happening?

Anything you can take note of the symptoms you are experiencing will help our expert auto mechanics to diagnose the problem.

Timing belt replacement

Your timing belt helps run many fundamental parts of your car, including the vehicle’s engine, alternator, air conditioner and power steering pump.

Timing belt is an important part of every vehicle hidden behind dust covers and other components of the engine. This makes it hard to see its condition which is why many people think it’s not worth to bother with something that cannot be seen. And of course, many say “if it’s not broken no need to fix it”. But this is wrong and is one of many reasons why you see so many vehicles pulled on the side of the road. According to cars manufacturers and experienced mechanics, timing belt should be regularly inspected and replaced.

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